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For the latest errata lists, click here.

For the latest errata lists, click here.

For the latest errata lists, click here.

 Obsolete old EA2A Questions from PPA exams

 EA-2F 2016 Questions

 Corrections to 2015 EA-2F Outline_10-12-15

 Corrections to 2015 EA-2F Exam Solutions_11-2-16

 Solutions to questions54 through 56 of the 2013 EA-2F exam

 Corrections to 2013 EA-2F Outline_11-4-13.doc

 Corrections to 2013 EA-2F Exam Solutions.doc

 ASM Corrections to 2012 EA-2A Outline_9-28-12.doc





 EA-2F 2015 Questions (revised answer key)

 EA-2F 2014 Questions

 EA-2F 2013 Questions

 EA-2F 2013 Exam Solutions

 Corrections to 2012 EA-2A Exam Solutions_11-4-13.doc

 EA-2A 2012 Questions

 EA-2A 2012 Exam Solutions

 EA-2A 2011 Questions_4-23-12.pdf

 EA-2A 2011 Exam Solutions


 ASM_EA2A_2010 Solutions.doc


 ASM_EA2A 2009 Solutions_4-12-10.pdf



















 Obsolete Questions from old EA-2B and 2L Exams (Updated 1/23/17)

 Corrections to 2017 ASM EA-2L Outline

 EA-2L 2016 Questions (revised answer key)

 Corrections to 2016 ASM EA-2L Outline

 Corrections to 2016 EA-2L Exam Solutions

 Corrections to 2015 ASM EA-2L Outline

 Corrections to 2015 Exam Solutions

 EA-2L 2015 Questions (with revised answer key)

 Corrections to 2014 EA-2L Outline

 Corrections and Modifications to 2014 EA-2L Exam Solutions

 EA-2L 2014 Questions

 Corrections to 2014 ASM EA-2L Solutions

 Corrections to 2013 EA-2L Outline

 Corrections to 2013 EA-2L Exam Solutions

 ASM Solutions to 2013 EA-2L Exam

 2013 Questions to EA-2L Exam

 errata for EA-2B Course Outline, 2012 edition

 ASM Solutions to the 2012 EA-2B Exam

 2012 Questions to EA-2B Exam

 Corrections to 2012 ASM EA-2B Exam Solutions

 errata for EA-2B Course Outline, 2011 edition

 Exam EA2B - 2011 questions

 ASM Solutions to the 2011 EA-2B Exam

 Corrections to ASM 2011 EA-2B Exam Solutions

 EA-2B 2010 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to 2010 EA-2B Exam

 EA-2B 2009 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to 2009 EA-2B Exam

 EA-2B 2008 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to 2008 EA-2B Exam

 EA-2B 2007 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to 2007 EA-2B Exam

 ASM Solutions to 2006 EA-2B Exam

 EA-2B 2006 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to EA-2B Exam

 EA-2B 2005 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to 2004 EA-2B Exam

 EA2B 2004 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to 2003 EA-2B Exam

 EA2B 2003 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to 2002 EA-2B Exam

 EA-2B 2002 Exam Questions

 ASM Solutions to 2001 EA-2B Exam

 EA-2B 2001 Exam Questions

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