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ASM Study Manual for CAS Exam MAS-II

By: Weishaus

Edition: 4th Edition

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About the Manual:

The ASM study manual for Exam MAS-II provides complete coverage of the four topics of the exam:

  1. Credibility

  2. Linear mixed models

  3. Bayesian methods

  4. Statistical learning

An important feature of the manual is the large number of exercises.  There are more than 500 exam-style exercises, of which over 220 are original.  This is especially important since one of the textbooks that accounts for about 25% of the exam, and the study note, which accounts for about 15% of the exam, have no exercises.   In addition to the exercises, the manual has 6 full (42-question) practice exams, 81 examples, and 28 in-lesson quizzes.

The credibility part of the manual includes, in addition to credibility, an introduction to Bayesian estimation, due to its close relationship to Bayesian credibility.   The CAS syllabus, however, considers Bayesian estimation as a part of Bayesian methods.  Thus, about 20% of the exam is covered in the credibility part of the manual.  Due to the large number of old-exam questions on credibility and basic Bayesian estimation, about 40% of the exercises in the manual are in the credibility part.  However, there are more than 300 exercises based on the other topics, of which over 170 are original.  And the distribution of questions on the practice exams is in accordance with the CAS syllabus.

The manual includes solutions to the CAS sample questions and to the three released exams.

While the manual Is all you need for the exam, it does not discuss coding in R, which is not tested on.  You are encouraged to read the textbooks to learn how to code the models in R.  The manual provides textbook references at the beginning of each lesson.


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