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ASM Study Manual for CAS Exam MAS-I

By: Weishaus

Edition: 3rd Edition

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The ASM Study Manual for CAS Exam MAS-I, 2nd Edition, 2nd Printing has been written to guide students through this exam.  Portions of the ASM for CAS S manual that are still relevant to exam MAS-I are included along with notes and practice problems covering new reading material. The manual provides complete coverage of the exam syllabus, covering the topics in 64 lessons with the following major topics:

  • Probability Models: Poisson processes, Markov chains, reliability theory, and life contingencies, simulation

  • Statistics

  • Extended linear models

  • Time series with constant variance

This 2nd Edition, 2nd Printing has 1221 pages and includes SIX practice exams with complete solutions. The manual includes about 1100 exercises (provided in sections after each lesson), with 600 of them being original.  Solutions to the exercises are included. 

This manual is written for the purpose of exam preparation and to sufficiently cover all of the material you will need to work out exam questions. It is important to note that the manual does not cover R, as exams do NOT expect you to program in R. If you are looking to gain some further insight into R, you are encouraged to go through the labs in An Introduction to Statistical Learning in order to learn how to use R to carry out the methods discussed in this course. 

NEW FOR 2nd Edition, 2nd Printing: Updates to all known errata


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