ASM Study Manual for Exam FM, 12th Edition

By: Cherry

Edition:12th edition



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The 12th edition of the manual has the following features:

  • The manual has been revised and updated to conform to the new syllabus for the June 2017 and subsequent exams.

  • The concepts of financial mathematics are explained in plain English, in a manner that appeals to your intuition and common sense.

  • The manual shows you tricks and shortcuts for various types of problems, warns you about common traps that students fall into, and tells you how to avoid them.

  • Over 1,000 problems with detailed solutions, about half of them from prior SOA/CAS exams and half that are original to the manual.

  • After each topic there are examples called “Stepping Stones” that are designed to tell you whether you have understood what you have just read, and to serve as a bridge to more difficult exam-level problems.

  • There is a summary of the key concepts and formulas after each topic.

  • There are 9 sets of Calculator Notes that give you detailed instructions for using the BA II Plus calculator.

  • Six original full-length (35 questions) practice exams, with complete solutions are included.

  • Over 600 pages in all.

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